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Hello Seniors,

At Sukoon Unlimited, we believe in the power of heartfelt connections and conversations for healthy aging. Join our exclusive community of Seniors and find a world of opportunities to connect, contribute, learn, and support each other. Throughout your journey to a happier and healthier you, Sukoon Sarathis are here for you.

Conversations. Connections. Care.

Experience the camaraderie and connections of a vibrant community of Seniors Citizens across India, supported by dependable Sukoon Sarathis—seniors with similar life experiences you can always count on.

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1-1 Conversations with Sarathis

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Explore wide range of group activities that encourage sharing life experiences, learning and self-care with community.

Sukoon Assistant

Received a payment request or link that you are apprehensive about? Got a FB invite that seems fishy? Received a request to connect that seems odd? Unsure how to create a new account or complete a transaction online?

From everyday requests to learning something new, Sukoon Assistants are here to provide help on demand.

  • Search for accommodation options
  • Research different travel options (air/ railways/car)
  • Suggest local places for sightseeing
  • Suggest best travel insurance plans
  • Food ordering
  • Grocery ordering
  • Medicine ordering
  • Beauty products ordering
  • Stationery ordering
  • Restaurant searches and booking
  • Taxi booking - within City
  • Taxi search and booking - inter cities
  • Movie suggestions and options nearby
  • Create FB, Instagram, YT and Linkedin accounts
  • Create posts, reels, stories
  • Like, share, comment on social media channels
  • Verify the genuineness of any payment link or request received from unknown entities
  • Verify genuineness of emails and attachments received
  • Validate genuineness of calls received asking for sensitive information
  • Assist in using social media safely
  • Guidance in creating strong passwords and authentication
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What Sukoon Seniors are saying!

The website is amazing. Instant connectivity to the Sarathi and crystal clear telephonic communication. The sarathi was very compassionate and patient and answered my queries which I had initially about this website and role very crisply and clearly. I feel this is a very useful resource for the community of us elders.

Pradeep Shingal-alt
Pradeep Shingal

Retired Airforce Doctor

Sukoon Unlimited introduces a captivating concept: “By elders. For elders.” This unique approach has the potential to be a game-changer. Engaging with peers of similar age, life experiences, and outlook not only offers comfort without judgment but also fosters a profound sense of security, I am not alone.

Geeta Bailur-alt
Geeta Bailur

Home maker

Sukoon Unlimited is wonderful platform which gives seniors an opportunity to unwind themselves and live a stress-free life. One can talk to the sarathis at Sukoon Unlimited about any issue of concern without hesitation. Sarathis are like soulmates, willing to listen, advise and induce confidence without being judgmental.

Meena Shrivastava-alt
Meena Shrivastava

Retired Teacher